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Providing you with New Home Listings

Every year there are over 75,000 New Homes built in Victoria. A large percentage of these are sold as Land & Home Packages. Are you missing out on your share of these sales? 

At Invst Australia, we have created a 'plug in' New Home Sales product for you. It's easy and structured to increase your business income. Check out how simple we have made New Home Selling.


Our Turnkey and Tailored product

Our Turnkey Product is a 100% fixed and complete. You will not have to deal with upgrades and uncertain pricing, our selling process is very much what you are used to when selling an established property. In your established market your buyers get all the fixtures and fittings except the furniture, well, we follow that same sales process for our Turnkey Packages, what they see is what they get, inside and out, including landscaping, fencing and driveways. 


We also have a Tailored Product, which is still a turnkey home but it allows the buyer to tailor their inclusions and to complete some items at a later date themselves. This Tailored Product is popular with First Home Buyers, who may have a limited budget. 

Our Marketing support


  • New Homes Sales stock updated every week

To ensure that you are prepared for sales every weekend, you will receive soft copies of our flyers by close of business every Friday.

  • Investment Analysis

Every property is fully analysed and the report is imbedded via QR code. This report can be downloaded or viewed by your buyers.

  • Virtual Tours

Most flyers have the Virtual Tours imbedded in them via QR code to help your buyer view the displays, they can view the finished home for finishes, quality and inclusions. 

  • Every packages has the complete list of inclusions

Our flyers are comprehensive and include every single inclusion, so that you and your buyer are fully aware of the Turnkey or Tailored inclusions.

  • Land Estate

All flyers come with embedded Land Estate information. You and your buyer only have to scan the code to know all about the land development and all the amenities in the area. This makes property selection easier. 

  • Information is the key

The more information you have the easier the sale. We make selling Land and Home packages easy for every one of our Sales Agents.  


  • Builders brochure in print and soft copy

We provide you with a 38 page sales brochure for every one of our builders. This brochure can also be customised for you*. Brochures are supplied in hard copies for your office and soft copies for you email correspondence with your buyers. 

* minimum sales volume applies for free customisation. 

Keeping you ahead

Investment Analysis


Our investment analysis keeps you ahead by providing potential buyers with quality information, which is normally only made  available by larger corporate companies. We make this available to you and your buyers via our imbedded QR code on every flyer. 

Keeping you informed

Website Stocklist

screen shot stock list.png

To ensure that you are fully up to date with the latest property listings, we have a complete stock list on our website. This site is our front end showcase for buyers. 

Here your potential buyers can view information on displays, virtual tours, colour selection, facades and much more. At all times we encourage your buyers to communicate with you. 

This site does not gather any information from your buyers nor does it encourage visitors to contact us. 

Keeping you up to date

Stock list on your phone

phone screen stock list.png

Every week you will receive our web based stock list. This email gives you access to our stock on your phone. It also allows you to download the brochures for each property, just in case you missed the weekly soft copies that we send out. 

With our support, you will be successful and earn an additional commission without listing. 

Contact us to find your way to more sales and more commission.

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+61 3 9791 5547

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