Sales Support - Post Sales Management

The Post Sales Support is as important as the Sales Process. After a sale has been closed and deposits are paid the buyer will always find themselves waiting for a period of time before their construction starts. This period is reliant upon the land settlement date. In many instances this period could be as much at 12 to 18 months before land titles are released and settlement occurs.  Our Sales Support team takes over and becomes an additional point of contact for you and your buyer. We work closely with the land developer, the builder and your buyer to ensure that they are informed and updated, we also field all the questions that your buyer may have about their land, sub-division progress, timelines, compliance and finally Title Release. 

Once Titles are released and land settlement has happened, our Post Sales Management team will coordinate the with your buyer, their conveyancer and lender to provide all the requirement to the builder to process the Building Permit. It is only when the Permit is issued that the construction process starts. 

Sales Support - Building Coordination

Our CRM platform helps us keep track of all the data related to every buyer. Variations, colour selection, email exchanges and much more is all tracked and managed by our Building Coordinators. All of this is very important as it keep record of the complex process of building a home for your buyer. It also gives you peace of mind that your buyer is looked after and they are in good hands. 

Sales Support - Building Inspections

Every home built by our builders is supervised by an independent Building Inspector, who report to your buyer. This give peace of mind and confidence that the home is being built to the required standards. The independent Building Inspector will report to your buyer at various stages of the construction and will inspect the home before the Practical Completion Inspection (PCI). This service offer your buyers an assurance, resulting in peace of mind while building a new home.