Glenn Rodricks

If I'm not able to add value to your life, then meeting me was pointless

Life is not meant to be a lonely journey of accumulation, personal glory and private achievements but instead it is meant to be a roller coaster of sharing, helping and encouraging people, of reaching out and to pull others up to where they belong and beyond where you stand, using experience, knowledge and resources in your sphere of influence so that collectively we may become a better people.  

20 years of dealing with Finance, Property, Investment and Real Estate has taught me that people have the ability but lack the knowledge to do what they dream off. They don’t put a price to procrastination, therefore many miss the opportunities that come past every day.

My expertise is in helping individuals and families reach their financial potential with a sound understanding of risk. Helping them analyse past, present and future projections so that decisions are made on knowledge, not on emotions or anecdotal evidence.

An international background in business and marketing helps me interact with and understand the diverse cultures that makes up the modern Australia. A Nation with unlimited potential and exciting opportunities for everyone that calls it home.  

I am presently the Principal and Director of Victorian Finance Group Pty Ltd, established 2005. Director, Invst Australia and Franchise owner Home Loans.

Previously I was the Principal and Franchise owner of over six Mortgage Choice franchises, covering the south east of Melbourne. Australian Credit Licence: 389287

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